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    Welcome Back to Eliteparty


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    Welcome Back to Eliteparty

    Post by Emineem on Sun Aug 01, 2010 12:10 am

    Welcome back everyone

    As you might know, EliteParty has been around for some years now, but huge changes have happend, the management has changed, Hacking attempts has been made and stupid things has been done.

    Well, me and Brad thaught about Forcing that to and end, and once and for all making EliteParty a reliable forum where you can stay without stupid shit happening.

    Well the permanent change will be that Me and Brad will stay as administrators, and no other management yet.

    But wait! There is more!

    VIP Function
    You can now get VIP access by either donating atleast ocne (its only 5$ and you can even pay with mobile.)

    You can donate by clicking here. You can also click the contribute link in bottom of forum to donate!

    Notice! - If you want to speed up the donation please send a pm to an administrator that you donated, and we will activate your vip!

    you can post 450 posts, and automaticly get VIP.

    Forum Moderators

    We are now searching for forum moderators for each simple forum, do not apply for super moderator or administrator as we only need forum moderators, pm the section you would like to moderate and application to one of the admins!

    Thank you!


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